The European Union and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are supporting professional media monitoring in Georgia as the way to promote media diversity, increase journalistic standards and build the watchdog functions of civil society, especially at a time of elections. Since the launch of the first media monitoring rounds in 2010, this initiative has contributed to the media research during the major elections in Georgia in 2010 - 2017.


What We Do

The current initiative focuses on media monitoring of the Presidential Elections in Georgia in October 2018. The European Union and UNDP are working with a team of the Georgian civil society organizations - Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics, Internews - Georgia and Civic Development Institute (CDI), to examine impartiality and balance of reporting in an election period by around 40 media outlets - televisions, radio, print and online media. For more information, see media monitoring methodology [Link]

Results of the media monitoring initiatives in 2010-2017

Media Monitoring

  • Professional media monitoring during the four major elections in Georgia in 2010 - 2016: Local Self-Government elections (2010); Parliamentary polls (2012); Presidential elections (2013); Local Self-Government elections (2014); Parliamentary polls (2016); Local Self-Government Elections (2017).
  • Professional media monitoring in 2011 and 2012 with the main focus on reporting on social and economic issues.
  • Facilitation of public discussion about the media monitoring results through the TV talk-shows and web resources.  

Training and Media Development

  • Training in media monitoring for the leading civil society organizations in Georgia. Trainer: Slovak media monitoring organization Memo'98
  • Professional training in media standards and reporting for the journalists of the 20 regional broadcasters in Georgia. Trainers: Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Media Centar Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics

The Georgian Charer of Journalistic Ethics is an independent association of jornalists. The goal of the Charter concerns the development of journalistic norms and professional standards, which includes their implementation and protection.

The organisation was established on December 4, 2009, when 137 journalists signed an agreement to observe general professional standards, and with this signature became the founders and members of the Charter.

For additional information on TV monitoring please contact:

  Giorgi Mgeladze
  Project Manager
  #6b Shio Mgvimeli St., Tbilisi 0179, Georgia
  Tel: (+995 322) 291 28 70

Internews Georgia

Formed in 1997, Internews Georgia is a local non-profit non-governmental organization based in Georgia. We believe that we can improve access to information for people by fostering independent media and promoting open communication policies in the public interest. All our activities serve media professionals as well as entire Georgian society so that they can actively participate in the political and social decision-making and affect positive change.

For additional information on Radio monitoring please contact:

Eka Beridze
Project Manager
VIII Floor, #11 Andria Apakidze str, 0171, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 292 33 95/96/97/98
Fax: (+995 32) 292 04 25

Civic Development Institute

Civic Development Institute dreams about truly democratic Georgia that is governed by every citizen with free will and rational motivation. CDI believes that informed and fair election has a crucial role for country's further development and strives to raise civic awareness and responsibility on the existing processes in the country.

CDI contributes to building the country that doesn't have political leaders with no alternatives; that does not have political parties that whether get 100 percent of votes or vanish in case of failure. In order to change this reality our organization supports formation of civil society in the following ways: by instillation of political and social Culture by inculcation of liberal values by creating tolerant atmosphere by protecting people whose rights have been violated by improving professionalism and sense of responsibility in journalists. CDI's mission is to raise civic awareness; to increase the role of education; to transform social atmosphere and to encourage people for motivated participation in country's institutional development.

For additional information on Press and Online Media monitoring please contact:

George Jologua
Head of Media Research
#10 T. Chovelidze St., Tbilisi 0108, Georgia
Tel: (995 32) 218 36 36;

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